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Job crafting; employees reshape their roles to infuse more meaning and engagement into their work. Three ways to increase job satisfaction without leaving your current job!

These mistakes can sabotage your salary negotiations before they even start - Great tips for the beginning of the interview process that can impact your negotiations.

10 Legal Jobs You Can Get Without a Law Degree.  - For those interested in the legal industry, here are some ideas for jobs that do not require a law degree.

Finding a New Job is Possible - Even When You're Burned Out. Some great advice to job search more efficiently and stay motivated when suffering from burnout.

 Your Next Job Offer Could Come Via Slack, Not LinkedIn - External independent invitation-only channels are being used for networking and introductions leading to job offers.

Psychologist Adam Grant: This is one of the most harmful questions parents can ask their kids—here’s why - This article challenges how we think about our own careers as well as the message we give to our children.

How to Answer, "Tell Me About Yourself" - A great overview of how to answer this important question; include engaging your audience, establishing credibility and telling people why they should care.

How to Build Enough Political Capital to Excel Even When You're Remote - This article discusses the importance of political capital at work and ways to build it remotely. Political capital is essential to ongoing career success!

Job Seekers: Be Careful Using LinkedIn’s New “Open To Work” Feature - LinkedIn's Open To Work Feature; To Use Or Not. I agree with this article to "Share With Recruiters Only" that you are open to work. Let your profile demonstrate what you can deliver to your next employer.

The Stresses of the Way We Work Now - Being unemployed, furloughed or working from home can impact us in many ways. "For many people, work provides a sense of identity, as well as psychological benefits that come from being productive. Many workers also benefit from the structure of a daily routine and a connection to the larger community." Here are some ways to mitigate the impact.

Interviewing Right Now? Be Sure to Ask These 8 Crucial Questions, Hiring Experts Say - Interviewing during COVID presents unusual challenges and these questions are important to ask.

Body Language Hacks To Project Leadership Presence On Zoom - There are certainly challenges to projecting leadership on Zoom. This article discusses both verbal an non-verbal essential techniques; great for everyone.

Furloughed or unemployed? Experts offer advice to Californians considering a career change - Quoted in the Sacramento Bee; thank you for interviewing me for your article on changing careers if furloughed or unemployed.

15 Ways to Make Your Video Calls Instantly Better - Video calls over Zoom or Skype are happening every day. Lots of great tips and tricks to  make your video calls work better.

How to give yourself a better job, when quitting feels like your only option (and you can’t quit) - These These four job redesign strategies are so insightful and actionable.

Quiet Your Inner Critic - We all have that inner voice that at times does us harm. Here are ways to overcome that voice which can be really helpful when you are moving forward in your career.

Are you suffering from Impostor Syndrome? - Impostor syndrome will affect 70 percent of people at some point in their lives - this flowchart can help you see what kind you suffer from and how to combat it.

These are the questions you should ask instead of “do I have work-life balance?” - Asking yourself these 5 questions can reframe how you look at the question of work-life balance.

When it comes to power in the workplace, 30 is the new 50 - There are so many advantages to an inter-generational workforce. One of my favorite thought leaders, Chip Conley, talks about what older workers and companies can do to optimize. I have long advised my older clients to communicate the benefits of an age diverse workforce during their interviews.

The Office Rookies Who Ask for the World - Young workers are likely to ask for a promotion after just one year—here’s how they should handle the big reques t.

Ten Harmless Mind Tricks That Make People Like You - Love this article on emotional intelligence citing both verbal and non-verbal cues and "tricks" to get people to like you.

Reasons to Choose Paycheck Over Passion - An interesting exploration of paycheck vs. passion and how the two do not have to be mutually exclusive when thought about differently.

The 2 Things People Judge You on Immediately, According to a Harvard Psychologist This article by Amy Cuddy challenges how we present ourselves.

Hiring Statistics - Silkroad onboarding hiring statistics show that although employee referrals are only 6% of the total applicants, they account for 54% of the hires.

AI Is Now Analyzing Candidates' Facial Expressions During Video Job Interviews - The use of technology in the interviewing process has been increasing. HireVue software, used by a number of companies, can now analyze facial expressions and make recommendations for the best matches for a particular position.

9 Things to Never Say in a Salary Negotiation - Great advice on keeping the negotiation positive and on track. Note that California Labor Code Section 432.3, prohibits companies interviewing in CA to ask about prior salary history.

5 Ways Body Language Impacts Leadership Results - Our body language impacts how we are perceived by everyone we interact with. Although this article is specifically addressing leadership, the analysis applies to interviewing and all other work and personal interactions.

Parker Dewey This is a really interesting platform for students/young grads to get professional "gig" based experience; 98% are remote.

Five Things to Never Tell Your Boss - Some practical advice when dealing with conflict with your boss.

Top Ten Fears That Hold People Back in Their Careers - Fears have served a purpose to protect us from harm but these are holding you back from career growth.

How to Handle the Overly Chatty Co-Worker - Some socializing at work is essential for networking, building camaraderie and increasing enjoyment as long as it doesn't interfere with your productivity to your detriment.

5 Very Rare Instances It’s Worth Staying In A Toxic Workplace - Staying in a toxic workplace can lead to a multitude of negative outcomes. This article delves into the rare instances to stay.

Crucial Career Outcomes From a Kudos and Accomplishments Log - I published this article to highlight the benefits of regularly updating your kudos and accomplishments log; there are 9 not so obvious ways!

How to Interview with a Bully - This does happen, more often with third party recruiters than in-house recruiters; here's advice on how to handle.

How to Write a More Emotionally Intelligent LinkedIn profile An interesting way to incorporate emotional intelligence in your LinkedIn profile language that connects easily with others.

How to Talk About Getting Fired in an Interview . This article brings up a very important point. If you are fired, ask your HR department how they would respond to the question of why you no longer work there; you have to be in alignment.

A survey of 850 hiring managers finds that this in the No. 1 thing that can sabotage your interview. What is interesting in this article is how the the interviewer's age and gender factor into this list.

For women who want to be digital nomads , a new service launches to provide short-term apartments, co-working space, gym memberships, and access to a local community manager who walks them through the city and helps them connect to events, language exchange programs, and more.

The Importance of Body Language in the Workplace; Also Applicable in the Interview

Scientific Body Language Tips For Your Interview

What To Do When Stumped By an Interview Question

Beating Work Burnout



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