-I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with Linda during a transformative time in my career. Our conversations and the modules I completed allowed me to identify and take meaningful action toward sourcing and subsequently landing an incredible role. By thoughtfully tailoring my story and materials after multiple coaching sessions with Linda, I was able to approach every opportunity, conversation, and interview with confidence. I wouldn't have been able to make such a move in my career without her guidance and already have, and will continue to, recommend her to close friends and colleagues in need of a top-tier career counselor and coach. 

     - N. W. - Client Relationship Management | Sales Leadership | Business Development | Operations | Strategy

-Linda's support, encouragement and advice throughout my job search was invaluable and very much appreciated. She was quick to respond to questions or concerns, always had new and innovative ideas, and her willingness to work creatively allowed me to explore options that I never would have imagined. Linda is a great resource and cheerleader.

Thank you, Linda!!

     - A. B., MBA - Innovative Operations and HR Leader | Organizational Design | Training and Development | Strategic Planner

-Linda is such a wonderful person to work with! She is patient, flexible and knowledgeable! Linda truly cares about you as a person and tailors your sessions towards your career needs. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Linda!! She is a gem!

     - S. V. O. - Team Agent at The Wilkinson Properties Group at Compass

-Linda is awesome! She is supportive, knowledgeable and patient!! She provided lots of insights on job searching, interview skills and she even role play with me on how to interview. I am so lucky to have worked with Linda. Thank you, Linda!

     - J. C. - Passionate Sales Professional | Business Development| Account Management | Strategic Planning | Revenue Management | Customer Success| Strive for Excellence | Project Management| Love to have fun |

-I was out of work like thousands of others in the hospitality industry who were impacted by the pandemic in 2020. Thankfully for me I was able to gain the assistance of Linda Greenfield as my career coach through my previous employer. I had been with my pervious employer for 25 years so working with a career coach along with being out of work were certainly new for me.

I found Linda’s advice & recommendations to be more than what I could have hoped for. She was very attentive, thoughtful, & genuinely cared about wanting to make a difference. Without a double Linda’s specific recommendations and suggestions on all aspects of the job search, networking, & personal brand truly made a difference for me in landing my new role. I very feel fortunate to have worked with Linda & will always be thankful to her during my successful career transition.

     - J.C. - Director, Sales Operations at Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

-Linda is a brilliant career counselor and an absolute expert at what she does. Whether you are looking to advance your career or just need help with your resume, Linda is a truly essential resource.

     - J.S. Executive Assistant

-Linda recently helped me navigate a difficult career transition. My broad scientific training afforded me a broad swath of career opportunities. Coming from an academic setting though, I didn’t have clear guidance on achieving my next steps outside of that realm. Linda stepped in, helped me to set objective tasks and encouraged me to put plans into actions. She regularly challenged me to keep up the pace of my search. Most importantly for me, I looked forward to talking with Linda every week. She is a kind and thoughtful listener, that provides positive emotional support – which is so critical. I also really appreciated Linda’s commitment to my success, which was clear even before she offered me extended assistance during the economic downturn triggered by the pandemic. I will carry her lessons with me throughout my career.

     - K.F. - Biomedical Engineer | Molecular Cardiology Scientist

-I can not thank my lucky stars enough for finding Linda! I started out feeling overwhelmed and lost when thinking about transitioning to a new career but Linda, along with her resources, has helped to make the process much more strategic and structured. Every time I have met with her I can tell that she is really listening to me and thinking about my overall goals as well as addressing any anxieties I may have around my job search. I wish I could tell everyone that needs career advice to go to her. Even the resources she has provided for informational interviews, LinkedIn searches, etc. have proven to be immensely helpful and solid guidelines for when I have gotten "stuck." The progress I have made in the time she has been coaching me has been priceless. Linda has been kind and insightful every step of the way and I look forward to continuing to work with her and have full confidence I am in the best hands out there!

     -B.A. - Special Event Coordinator at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

-Admittedly, I am writing this recommendation for Linda awhile after the fact, but everything I have to say is still top of mind and has stuck with me in the intervening time between when I had the pleasure of working with Linda and now. In those 9 months I've had a good deal of time to reflect on how Linda helped me overcome many obstacles; some that I was putting in my own way. Linda is very thorough and thoughtful at matching a candidate's skills, passions and expectations with the realities of the market they are in. She displayed immense patience with me, as I was resistant to using some of the tactics and strategies that she pushed for, and ultimately allowed me to overcome my hesitations and get out of my own headspace and comfort zone. Linda was immensely helpful at coaching through the interview process, at all stages, and ran through countless scenarios and feedback sessions with me until I got to a level where I was effective at communicating to multiple levels of stakeholders and interviewers during some pretty grueling interview loops (up to 5-6 hours long, onsite with combination of in-person and remote sessions). And she always made sure I followed up and wrote thank yous or acknowledgements even when I either didn't want the role or knew I had tanked the interview. I will have the learnings and takeaways from my time working with Linda for the rest of my career, and I know that they will remain useful and relevant no matter the job market and economic conditions that are the backdrop for a new job search.

     - A. K. - Customer Success Manager at Samasource

-Linda is the best!!! I would highly recommend her!!! She was kind, professional, knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and took the time to answer all of my questions!!! She also gave me some very useful tips and advice regarding my job search that I have not received before!!!

     - M.T. - *Market Research* Client Relations* Administrative Operations

-Linda was a joy to work with. Given my recent interest in transitioning into marketing, I signed up for a 1-hour resume critique session with Linda to get help formatting and tailoring my essay to fit a marketing role. I felt cared for throughout the session. She focused on making sure we edited every section of my resume, answered all my questions, and provided suggestions on how to revise my resume to fit certain job descriptions and roles, without rushing to stick within the 1-hour time frame. She was more concerned with making sure I felt prepared and that was appreciated! Definitely looking forward to working with her in the future!

     - M.S. - Marketing Coordinator | Marketing Consultant

-Linda was a joy to work with. Given my recent interest in transitioning into marketing, I signed up for a 1-hour resume critique session with Linda to get help formatting and tailoring my essay to fit a marketing role. I felt cared for throughout the session. She focused on making sure we edited every section of my resume, answered all my questions, and provided suggestions on how to revise my resume to fit certain job descriptions and roles, without rushing to stick within the 1-hour time frame. She was more concerned with making sure I felt prepared and that was appreciated! Definitely looking forward to working with her in the future!

     - E. P. - Exploring Full-time Opportunities | WeWork Alum | Operations, Marketing, Project Management

-Linda is an extremely effective career coach and thoughtful mentor who proved to be a valuable partner during my job transition. After 20+ years at the same company, I found myself back in the job market and was fortunate to connect with Linda through the USC Alumni Association. At the end of our first call, I knew I’d found an exceptional guide to help me advance my career. During our working session, Linda boosted my confidence and increased my value in the job market by helping me identify my unique skill set, craft an impressive resume and career narrative for my Linked In profile, maximize my professional network, and become a job search ninja. If you want in on that, I highly recommend using Linda’s services.

     - G.V. - Software Project Leader * Strategic Planner * Activating Cross-Functional Teams to Deliver Innovative UX

-Took the time to reach out to Linda, as recommended by USC's Career Page. She's a fantastic guide through the macro and micro dealings with your career path. She is very insightful and puts forth the effort to make her analysis personal to your values. She also provides a lot of resources and offering an encouraging energy. There was so much I didn't know about both myself and the process before reaching out to Linda. UPDATE: Thanks to Linda's motivation to take extra initiative, she's helped me land EXACTLY the job I wanted. The compensation is a major advance toward what I've wanted in my professional life. Highly recommend speaking with her.

     - A.A. - Director of Acquisitions

-Linda worked with me through a challenging transition and made sure I had all the tools and resources necessary to start a new career that fit my professional personality.

     - C.P. - Paralegal

-Linda is very thoughtful and knowledgeable. I had the opportunity to work with her for a short period of time, but her insight and advice was very helpful. I will hire Linda again in a heartbeat!

     - R. M. - Business Transformation|Customer Experience|Strategy|Execution|Program Management|Negotiations|Procurement

- Linda was super helpful in my pursuit for a new career opportunity. She helped me prioritize and create action steps. Additionally, she answered all my questions and provided me with ample resources. Highly recommend her services!

     - M. C. - Digital Marketing Specialist/Coordinator (Social Media, Digital Ads, Influencer Endorsements)

-Linda was very helpful when it came to helping me with my resume, LinkedIn, and job title. She is knowledgable and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her services!

     - K. O. - Copywriter and Editor, Marketer and Publicist

-Linda Greenfield is that person you always wanted to talk to and get their advice. She's exceptionally smart, helpful, caring, and knowledgeable in every aspect of finding and making great career choices. A wealth of practical skills and guidance. Highest recommendation.

     - D. R. - Producer, composer, music sup, sound designer, programmer, fund raising, TV Academy and convention lead

     - I am so thankful to Linda Greenfield for her wonderful advice about "pivoting" while looking for a new career! After our conversation, I started volunteering for two organizations whose missions both correspond with my Holland Code. The day-to-day, real world experiences are helping me discover what would be the best fit for my career change. Ms. Greenfield is an extremely knowledgeable professional who tailors her services perfectly to your needs. I highly recommend her!!!

     - N. P . - Sustainable design professional and environmental conservation advocate

-Linda helped me form a strong 360 degree perspective towards job search and allowed me to have a water-tight interview preparation. She helped me gain the self-confidence and the calmness needed to tackle tough interviews and unplanned situations. Early in the process, Linda helped me polish and tighten up my resume. The resume was the most accurate description of who I am as a professional and gave me the confidence that I’ve never had in my resume. Throughout different phases during my search, Linda helped me stay on top of my game and pointed me towards the right resources and ensured full intensity. Right before important conversations, we would have a check-in and sometimes even a mock interview followed up with feedback and a re-run if needed. Additionally, she would always ask me penetrative questions and have me think through different scenarios, thereby taking my preparation to the next level. Linda’s experience not only gave me a personalized job search strategy by focussing on my strengths and passion areas but more importantly gave me empathy and appreciation for the entire job hunt process. This was a real game changer for me because it completely shifted my thinking about job search from being a daunting undertaking to a meaningful exploration. I really enjoyed working throughout the job search process and will be seeking her advice throughout my career.

     - P.S. - Product Technology Manager at Google

-Linda’s career consulting services made my career transition much smoother. During a one hour individualized workshop, Linda helped me visualized my strengths for my next employer. The supporting materials that Linda provides allowed me to prepare an interview package to best communicate my accomplishments in the biotech industry. Linda truly takes the time to understand your immediate and long terms goals during the job search process. I highly recommend Linda and her counseling services during a career transition, annual review, or promotion.

     - M.P. - Senior Research Associate at Kite Pharma

-Linda helped me to find a way to represent my skills in a way that made me want to hire myself. Every question that I asked was answered within hours and the answers or feedback was thorough and complete. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her willingness and desire to help you succeed is why I recommend working with Linda.

     - C.P. - Technical Solutions Consultant | Certified Ethical Hacker and Security+

-I am so thankful to Linda Greenfield for her wonderful advice about "pivoting" while looking for a new career! After our conversation, I started volunteering for two organizations whose missions both correspond with my Holland Code. The day-to-day, real world experiences are helping me discover what would be the best fit for my career change. Ms. Greenfield is an extremely knowledgeable professional who tailors her services perfectly to your needs. I highly recommend her!!!

     - N.P.  - Sustainable Design Professional and Environmental Conservation Advocate

-As someone reentering the corporate job market after 20+ years of being self-employed, Linda took my resume and structured in a way that I'd have never thought of... and it worked. Linda's knowledge, input and honesty are unmatched. Her attention to detail and her turn times are all proof she truly cares about her clients. She and I were up against a deadline and not once was I waiting on her. The ball was always in my court. Linda is outstanding and I'll be forever grateful.

     - B.B. - Mortgage Specialist

-Linda is a wonderful resource on career direction, options, and strategies. She helped me understand the market place, what tools were available, and gave me pointers on my resume. I left our conversations feeling confident and well prepared to go out into the marketplace. Thanks Linda!

     - C.B. - Showrunner, Executive Producer

- I sought out Linda's services when I was struggling to find a new direction in my career path. I appreciate her personalized approach and her thoroughness in getting to know me and my interests. I highly recommend her services for any individuals who are in need of assistance for their next steps.

     - A.S. - Sales Quality Specialist

-As a recent graduate seeking professional career guidance, I found Linda’s personalized counseling and advice to be strategic, effective, and valuable. The career exploration resources she provided were extremely helpful for me in terms of creating an actionable job search plan while also taking my LinkedIn profile to the next level. Ultimately, I would highly recommend Linda for her excellent career counseling services.

     - V.H. - Writer & UC Berkeley Graduate

-I am grateful to Linda for having helped me craft a resume that highlights my most marketable skills, talents, and expertise. Linda has a calm demeanor, is kind, listens intently, and provided valuable information and insight based on my values and job likes/dislikes. I felt heard and understood when working with Linda. I spoke to several career counselors or coaches before making a decision, and I am happy that I chose Linda Greenfield as my partner in managing my career.

     - P.N. - Senior Project Manager

-Linda was an incredible resource for me. She was flexible with me on meeting times (via phone) and very responsive to all of my questions. She provided strong insights and gave me the tools I needed to assess my current career path and what opportunities I wanted to pursue going forward. Would recommend to anyone looking for guidance with their career.

     - S.G. - Producer, Digital Journalist

-I sought out Linda's help after speaking with a handful of career counselors. I decided to work with her because of her straightforward, friendly demeanor. She didn't try to sell me on any packages, or additional services, and she was very specific about what she offered, and how she worked with clients. I didn't feel pressured or pandered to.
She offered an impressive amount of information, and resources. She gave me specific assignments, and a realistic timeline to move forward, suggesting quick ways to improve my online presence and longer, more involved projects that I can come back over time. Importantly, she left the door open so that I know I can reach out and reconnect when I want to seek further help.
It was a pleasure working with Linda, I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for career assistance, and will likely reach out to her in the future for further guidance.

     - S. W. - Director of Recruitment

-Linda is a great resource for anyone who needs any kind of career counseling. She is truly a one-stop shop as far as career counseling goes. She is an excellent coach that equips you with everything you need to set and achieve your career goals.

     - K.G. - Investment Analyst

-Linda is very knowledgeable and an expert within the field. Working with Linda has helped me highlight transferable skills, reassess my position within the current job market, and also helped direct me to tools and resources to move forward.

     - G.S. - Creating Solutions That Work

-I highly recommend Linda for any career guidance you may need. She is skilled in analyzing and matching up skills, values and goals for current and future career planning. Linda is thoughtful in her approach and is able to lead the discussion for next steps and current workplace requirements. She responds quickly and goes above and beyond to answer questions and provide guidance in a supportive professional way. Linda is truly a great support to have during a time of exploration or change.

     - S. B. - Paralegal

-I worked with Linda in 2018 during a career transition. I was looking to apply the sales skills I had honed and sharpened over the last 8 years, but was unsure how to find the best fit for me. Linda's thoughtful approach allowed me to clearly reflect on what my strengths, goals, and core values are, and where they might best intersect. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of guidance on career related issues.

     - M.K. - Senior Account Executive

-Linda is professional and personal. She reached me in a personal approach, making me feel that I am not a business case. She responded to my request in a prompt manner. She is on time for our appointment. I appreciated that she was willing to take time to answer my questions and completed her section with me. She gave me great information and handy advice. She is someone who goes the extra miles to help people. I appreciate that very much.

     - S. Y. - Project Management, Strategic Planning, Business Analyst, Operations Improvement, Programming

-Linda is undoubtedly a master at her craft. She takes the time to really get to know her clients and most importantly she listens to our vision. Linda gives you the confidence and the tools necessary to make you a prime candidate in your new career search.

     - K.S. Account Manager (business and brand development) client communications

-Linda's insights and advice really helped me strategize my job search process. During our 50 minutes session over the phone, she was very inspirational and her words helped clear some of my concerns and confusions. I would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance on career-related issues.

     - C.Z., Director Operations Strategy, Global Content Distribution, Sales Operations & Analytics, Media & Entertainment

-I worked with Linda in the fall of 2017 as I was in a career transition. I had not had great success getting past the gatekeepers and needed some guidance. The first thing Linda said to me was why wasn't I looking for Director of Operations positions? I had been an entrepreneur for 17 years running my own business, and I had never considered that yes, in fact I was a Director of Operations! I broadened my search and found the most amazing position with a wonderful company as Director of Operations. Linda not only provided a new focus on my search, she gave me valuable information and suggestions that I would have never thought of. I would suggest Linda to anyone who is in transition, not have great success getting interviews, or resume help. She looks at you as an individual, and takes the time before your meeting to prepare so the time is spent in a very productive manner. I can’t say enough great things about Linda. She opened my eyes and that lead me to exactly the position and organization I have dreamt of.

     - K.C., Learning & Development | Training | Relationship Manager | Operations

-Linda's thoughtful guidance and insights were engaging and complete. Professional and very personable, her help with my job interview preparation is truly essential and indispensible. I give my sincerest recommendation.

     - E.C., Information Systems Analyst

-Linda Greenfield is exceptional! Her professional skills as a career coach has help provide the strategies for my son to secure a new position with a professional sports team. Through a referral we met Linda Greenfield- and it was our great fortune.
My son and I spoke with her independently, each identified our objectives and goals in why we wanted to work her. We shared his career goals and at that point forward - My son and Linda worked privately and created a plan to help him achieve his professional goals.
The coaching sessions identified his strength and weaknesses and thru those constructive sessions, and coaching, my son was successful in developing the tools and strategies for approaching interviews, meetings and even office protocols that young adults are not prepared for after graduation. These are the professional skills that are essential to their future. A college education is so important but unfortunately, they don’t teach young adults the skills they truly need to be successful in their careers.
I am so thankful for Linda’s expertise - she’s is truly an outstanding coach. My son continues to work with her at on-going basis as an advisor as his career is just getting started. We’re in Chicago and Linda is on the West Coast- location scheduling calls and meetings using via webcast were excellent! Thank you for your talents and touching our life.

     - C.L., Parent of Client

-Linda was extremely helpful in guiding me to figure out the different career options that I could be passionate and happy in. After taking a few years after graduating college to travel, I was feeling overwhelmed and lacked the confidence to enter the workforce in today’s job market. Linda’s brilliant strategies and her assessments helped me pinpoint specific roles that I would be interested in and she was able to explain the different career paths associated with it that I could explore. During our phone call, she was very attentive, friendly, and took extra time and care to explain my assessment results and provided guidance on the next steps to take. She genuinely cares about her clients and greatly demonstrates her expertise to help us achieve our goals. I feel more motivated and confident in my job search and am excited to continue to work with Linda in my future career endeavors.

     - S.W., Operations Manager

-Linda's coaching is meaningful and lasting. Her generosity of spirit and incredible insight helped me get to the heart of the steps I needed to take to hone in on my objectives and build to my strengths.
I am excited to embark on what may be my capstone-career-endeavor to help develop upstream systems that enable Albuquerque children to gain opportunities to meet their potential. I'm excited because that's what I really want to do and can do - and Linda set the groundwork to make this happen!

     - M.S.. Senior Advisor for Outcomes & Accountability

-Linda was an amazing help to my career beginning and was the sole reason I landed a dream internship in the field I had always wanted to be in. We did almost bi-weekly skype sessions where she taught me all the ins and outs of networking, interviewing, and how to professionally approach the job hunting process. She was such an amazing help and I plan on working with Linda for the foreseeable future as I move into my professional career.

     - J.L., Events and Entertainment Intern, Professional Sports

-Linda was extremely helpful as I searched for a position. She helped me find a better direction with my career path, and was very kind and positive. She assisted me with my resume and cover letter for a position I was interested in, and has continued to give me useful tips whenever I have any questions. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who is searching for direction and assistance along the way of a career search!

     - M.R., Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Digital Marketing | Strategy | Data Analytics

-Linda was really helpful throughout my job search process and salary negotiations. She is a great listener and is able to tailor her suggestions and advice to the specific position that you’re applying for. She clearly does her research before she meets with you and comes to meetings ready with resources that you request and others that she thinks would be relevant to your career goals. She is also clearly dedicated to her work and passionate about seeing her clients succeed. I highly recommend Linda!

     - K.C., Programs Director

-Trying to adjust to today's job market is difficult at best. However, Linda provides extraordinary wisdom for this journey. She is savvy, clever and to the point. She was able to guide me through the process to a satisfactory conclusion. I give her my highest recommendation and encourage serious career builders to work with her.

     - M.W., Sales, Client Relationships and Business Operations Specialist

-Linda covers a lot of material; it is all extremely helpful. I feel motivated and hopeful again, so that's good! I feel a little overwhelmed with all there is to do, but she is calm and patient, and understands that it can feel overwhelming. Thanks, Linda!

     - M.P., Financial Analyst

-I am so glad I reached out to Linda Greenfield for guidance during my recent career change. Linda was very accommodating in finding a time that worked with my schedule, and because I do not live in the LA area, we spoke over Skype. Linda is an incredible listener and very easy to talk to. She has a clear wealth of knowledge and was very insightful when discussing my possible career moves. Our meeting felt conversational yet it was structured in a meaningful way. First we discussed what I am looking for in my next career move and then she went through the results of my assessments, which she had me complete prior to our meeting. She interpreted the results of the assessments for me, explaining which of my possible career moves best aligned with my personality type, skill set, and interests, and which types of jobs I am less suited for. This was so valuable, as she opened my eyes to certain careers that I didn't necessarily know about, affirmed some of my beliefs about what career paths would be a good match for me, and helped me to think through (and eventually turn down) a job offer for a job that - based on the assessments and our conversation - was clearly not a match. She provided me with concrete job-search advice and invaluable networking tips, which really prepared me to move forward exploring a new career path. On top of all that, she followed up with an email containing additional resources!

I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance or advice in starting a new career or navigating a transition.

     - K.B., University of California graduate

-While I was looking for a career and at a crossroads Linda Greenfield was a wonderful resource. She offered clear and actionable guidance, where others would only give vague advice. She reviewed and offered constructive criticisms of my resume and cover letter and provided me with tips that I have continued to use throughout my career advancement. She was also available to provide encouragement and support during the nerve wracking interviewing and networking processes. I would highly recommend anyone in need of career counseling to have Linda on their team.

     - S.N., Clinical Research Coordinator

-Linda Greenfield was extremely helpful to me when I was searching for a job as I approached college graduation. She helped me completely restructure my resume to make it stand out against other applicants in my same field. With Linda's edits, I confidently sent out my resume to various potential employers and ended up getting hired to the company I wanted a month before I graduated college. Besides improving my resume, Linda also helped me realize exactly what type of profession would be right for me. Linda was always available whenever I had questions about interview techniques or discussing different companies. Linda was an extremely great help to me during my job search for after college, and I would 100% recommend Linda as a career counselor.

     - M.K., Market Research Project Manager

-It's Linda's compassion, generosity and intelligence that makes her coaching special. Efficient and focused, she provides practical advice that is immediately useful. Linda is especially insightful about identifying ways to apply past experience to career objectives - often a challenge for experienced professionals to do on our own.

     - M.S., Program Development, Management & Evaluation

-I was looking to transition from journalism to nonprofit work when I sought out Linda's help. She counseled me on my transferable skills and helped me revamp my resume, both of which were paramount in landing a position I love at a national nonprofit organization. I would encourage anyone looking for career help to seek out Linda's sage advice. Thank you Linda!

     - V.S., Online Communications Associate

-Having worked with Linda has been a major plus. She is fully dedicated to her clients growth and success. With Linda I always felt a genuine sense of care and concern. She is truly a professional with high integrity. She is detailed in her work and is a positive force of support. I highly recommend her for any career counseling.

     - P.K., Hiring Manager, Guest Relations

-I was lacking direction and clarity towards my next career move. I was looking into the possibility of changing careers all together. I met with Linda Greenfield. She was such a pleasure to work with. I have a hectic work schedule and she booked me on a Friday from 5-6pm to accommodate my needs. I was so grateful for that. Linda took the time to hear me out and provided me with a great counseling session and reference materials for some of the careers I had in mind (which would of taken me days for me to put together). I am so glad that I made the decision to go. I left feeling that they really care about what they do and helping others. Most importantly, I finally had direction and the tools to make an educated decision. Thanks Linda!
     - K.G., Marketing Coordinator

-I found myself in job market after 21 years being in the same job, so as you can imagine, my resume needed some work. I had my updated resume reviewed by Linda. Linda provided great advice and tips, including how to make it noticed by various application filtering software. Her review made a huge difference.

     - N.A., IT Manager

-I met Linda one weekend in 2016 at an all day Career Transition Symposium on "Finding Passion, Purpose and Pay/ Project 5.0+ ."  Linda was phenomenal and stood out from the rest of the panel, which is why I reached out to stay in touch. Her presentation that day resonated with me to my core.

     - V.V., Corporate Office Management Services

-Thanks for all your help. The resume looks amazing!

     - A.S., Producer

-I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda for several years now through her work at the USC Career Center. She is a very knowledgeable career counselor with the unique position of having been in the corporate world prior to her work as a career counselor. Many of our students seek out corporate positions- she is very adept at walking them through the process of applying and interviewing for the diversity of positions they are interested in. She is able to work with anyone who comes to us seeking help and always has a strong attitude of wanting to help the most she can. She truly understands how to meet the students and alumni where they are in life and help them make progress to the next step.

     - J.O., Associate Director

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